E-commerce Product Search - Ways to Increase Add to Cart from Search Results Page 

This dynamic masterclass is dedicated to exploring innovative strategies for optimizing the e-commerce product search experience, presented by our distinguished speaker, Bhavana A S (Product Manager at Big Basket).

What to Expect:
In this exclusive session, Bhavana delves into the realm of e-commerce search results pages, illuminating the path to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving increased conversions. From understanding user behavior to implementing actionable insights, discover the key elements that contribute to an exceptional shopping journey.


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Key Takeaways:

► Custom Experience Enhancement: Learn techniques to tailor the search results page to meet the unique needs of your customers, resulting in improved engagement and satisfaction.
► CTA Optimization: Explore effective strategies for optimizing call-to-action buttons on search results pages, leading to higher conversion rates and enhanced user experience.
► Search Data Analysis: Gain insights into analyzing search query data to identify trends, optimize product offerings, and maximize conversions.
► Synonym Implementation: Understand the importance of incorporating synonyms into search algorithms to enhance search relevance and improve user experience.

Keynote Speaker

Bhavana A S
Product Manager

Bhavana Angadi is a seasoned Product Manager with over a decade of experience, specializing in developing product roadmaps and leading cross-functional teams. Her expertise includes improving product experiences based on user feedback and deriving strategic customer insights through design thinking and market research. Bhavana has a strong track record in Agile practices and Kanban coaching, with notable contributions at, including managing the last mile delivery app and integrating with third-party logistics. Her skills encompass product management, customer research, UX design, storytelling, and cross-functional team leadership.

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