Keynote: 5 Lessons learned from Managing One of the World's Largest All Remote UX teams 

In this exclusive masterclass, Christie Lenneville (Vice President of UX at GitLab) shares invaluable insights gained from managing one of the world's largest all-remote UX teams at GitLab.

What to Expect:
In this immersive session, Christie unravels the intricacies of all remote UX management, offering practical guidance on hiring practices, team collaboration, and fostering a culture of innovation in a distributed environment. From the nuances of remote hiring to maintaining team cohesion and productivity, gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to thrive in the world of all remote UX.


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Key Takeaways:

► Remote Hiring Best Practices: Learn essential tips for hiring and onboarding remote UX practitioners, including assessing candidates' remote work experience and evaluating collaboration skills.
► Fostering Collaboration: Explore strategies for promoting collaboration and communication within remote UX teams, ensuring seamless coordination across different time zones and locations.
► Documenting Work Processes: Understand the importance of documentation in an all-remote setting and learn how to effectively document discussions, decisions, and project progress to enhance transparency and accountability.
Maintaining Team Morale: Discover tactics for nurturing a positive team culture and fostering social connections in a remote work environment, including virtual team-building activities and informal communication channels.


Keynote Speaker

Christie Lenneville
Vice President of UX
GitLab Inc.

Christie Lenneville is the VP of UX at GitLab Inc. Having started her career at Dell. she’s served across various capacities there. She has also held several UX positions at General Motors, Rackspace, H-E-B. She is an alumnus of Texas State University holding an MS degree in Software Engineering.

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