Is Product Management the Right Career Path For Me? 

Are you an aspiring product manager or someone who has recently discovered the exciting world of product management, but isn't sure if it's the right career path for you? This masterclass is tailor-made for individuals like you, providing a comprehensive understanding of product management.

Whether you decide to step into the role of a product manager or not, this masterclass ensures you make an informed decision without wasting valuable time and resources.


Note: This masterclass will be interactive, so it is mandatory to turn on your video and attend in a proper environment.

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In this masterclass, you'll delve into:

► Assessing if product management aligns with your career goals.

► Understanding the intricacies of product management and the various roles of a product manager.

► Unveiling what hiring managers seek when selecting product managers.

► Bonus - Free product management career guidebook .

Keynote Speaker

SaiSatish Vedam
Ex-Senior Director of Product Management

SaiSatish Vedam is a Product Leader with extensive experience in building & bringing disruptive technology products to the market. He has worn many hats during his career - programmer, designer, architect, analyst, manager, mentor and a strategist in large corporations. He was most recently the Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle. He is also an executive coach, senior faculty at the Institute of Product Leadership.

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