Career Workshop

Mock Interview for Product Management Roles
9 March 2023 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST | Online Zoom Meeting

This mock interview workshop is designed to help participants practice their interview skills and gain confidence in their ability to effectively communicate their strengths and qualifications to potential employers.

During the workshop, 3 participants will be interviewed and receive feedback from experienced hiring managers. Participants will also learn strategies for answering common interview questions, highlighting their skills and achievements, and demonstrating their enthusiasm for the job. By the end of the workshop, participants should feel more prepared and confident for their next job interview.

​**Please Note: There will be 3 participants who will be volunteering for the mock interview and these participants will be interviewed by the hiring manager for 30 min each. The Last 30 mins will be the QnA with the auidence. 


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Hiring Managers For the Mock Interview Workshop

Amol Guttal

Head of Products


Amol has been in the center of customer, business & technology, which enabled me to solve various customer problems across Food & Beverages Supply Chain, Public Sector, Retail, CPG, Hitech & consulting services sectors through delivering high quality business transformation products/solutions & deal wins. Currently heading product management function at food supply chain tech company.

Vidhya Abhijith

Cofounder & Director


Vidhya Abhijith, is a Design Thinking leader, advancing a vision to make “Everyone a creator”, empowering people with the tools & team to solve problems for the society & the economy. She is a fiesty entrepreneur, challenging the status quo, promoting a culture of radical transparency & self management, leading an Org that thrives like a buzzing social network. Her focus in the last decade has been on scaling up a culture of "Self Management" while scaling up Codewave's "Design Thinking" services & launching new products. She comes from a Product / Design background and strongly believes in human centric problem solving. She nudges businesses to approach themselves as an ongoing social experiment & inspires teams to dare to fail to dare to innovate. Codewave is a Design Thinking led Digital Transformation services org, that is actively serving businesses globally - to go from Idea to Product, survival to innovation and continuously shift from the old to new. 

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