The User Centric Approach in Products : Finding Success With AI Applications

This Masterclass explores how a user-centric approach is essential for the success of AI products. This involves building AI products which are designed to meet user needs, Collaboration features, continuous feedback, and adoption. Additionally, it is important to provide training and user support and measure user satisfaction and success. By adopting this approach, product managers can ensure that AI applications are tailored to user needs, leading to higher engagement, satisfaction, and overall success in product implementation.

Join us for this insightful masterclass, where industry expert Zabi Ulla will share his knowledge and experiences in leveraging AI for Product management success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with like-minded professionals.


  • Industry tested User Centric Design Framework for AI products
  • Implementation toolkit

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding user needs and aligning them with how AI is developed is crucial for the success of AI Products
  • Potential risk of AI applications such as automation or human augmentation and their effects on user experience.
  • User adoption of AI.
  • User collaboration, feedback, and transparency play vital roles in improving AI systems and building user trust.



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Zabi Ulla
Product Head

A.I Labs

About the Speaker

Zabi Ulla is an experienced data scientist and business leader with 18+ years of expertise. He specializes in using AI-based decision analytics, automation, and augmented experiences to help brands transform their business strategies into opportunities. His areas of focus include institutional decision-making, risk mitigation, customer interaction enhancement, proactive recommendation systems, and scaling human learning through AI technologies. Zabi is passionate about problem-solving and product transformation with AI and actively engages with emerging themes such as AI ethics, explainable AI, responsible AI, AI auditing, AI assurance, and AI security. He looks forward to engaging in discussions and networking in these areas.

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