The Power of Design Thinking: Innovate with Impact

Explore the core concepts and significance of Design Thinking in problem-solving across industries. Delve into the pivotal stages of empathizing, Defining, Ideate, Prototype, and Test, discovering their role in creating effective solutions.

Witness real-world success stories and engage in collaborative problem-solving within small groups. Get your queries addressed in a concise wrap-up, offering further resources for exploration. 

Elevate your problem-solving skills from this transformative masterclass.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the user-centered approach of Design Thinking.
  • Learning the importance of empathy in designing solutions.
  • Gaining insights into how to apply the five stages in real-world scenarios.
  • Developing a mindset that embraces experimentation and iteration.

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Subodh Kar
Senior Product Manager
Schneider Electric

About the Speaker

Subodh Kar is a seasoned Product Leader, renowned for architecting and scaling global energy management solutions. At present, he drives growth for a flagship digital product revolutionizing motor management at Schneider Electric. Prior to this, he spearheaded the development and expansion of automation products within the paper and pulp industry at Honeywell. Also, with a solid decade at Honeywell, he has excelled in conceiving, launching, and managing enterprise-grade Business Intelligence products. He is twice honored with the Exemplary Coach Award from the Institute of Product Leadership, he is also deeply dedicated to both teaching and learning. 

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