Mastering Product Launch with Product-Led Growth Strategy

Speaker - Sankalpa Sarkar
Global Product Leader, Walmart Global Tech India
Join our insightful session tailored for product enthusiasts, leaders, and managers eager to delve into the realm of Product-Led Growth Strategy. This immersive two-hour session promises a deep dive into essential principles and actionable frameworks crucial for driving successful product launches within a Product-Led Growth framework.
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What You'll Explore:
1) Foundations of Product-Led Growth: Understanding the core principles and defining features of product-led growth strategies.

2) Crafting Growth Channels: Discover effective growth channels and frameworks within the Product-Led Growth Loops.

3) Strategizing Product Launch: Learn how to position, monetize, and scale your product via a Product-Led Strategy, establishing robust goals and managing high-performance teams.

4) Fostering a Product-Led Culture: Uncover the methods to instill and sustain a product-led culture within your organization.

5) Metrics and Frameworks: Delve into Product-Led Growth metrics and frameworks, understanding the importance of product experience and achieving Product-Market Fit.

Key Takeaways:

● Benefits of Product-Led Growth
● Creating a product-led culture
● Learn about PLG Frameworks & Metrics
● Product Experience and PMF


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