Building Better Products: The Power of Effective Customer Interviews

Speaker - Ankit Agarwal
Fractional PM, Product Leader
(ex-Nium, Zeta, Ola)
Join our exclusive masterclass on leveraging customer interviews to supercharge your product development process. In this in-depth session, you will learn the art of harnessing valuable insights from your customers to create products that truly resonate with your target audience.
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Essential Insights

Engaging with customers is an indispensable skill for all product managers, and mastering the art of customer interviews can be a game-changer. The success of great product companies hinges on how product managers interact with customers and extract valuable insights from these interactions.

In this masterclass, Ankit will guide you through the nuances of conducting impactful customer interviews. The session will cover best practices before, during, and after customer interviews, providing you with actionable insights to elevate your product management game.

Key Takeaways:
● How to recruit and conduct effective customer interviews
● Common mistakes to avoid
● How to analyze your findings and draw actionable insights
● Real-world examples and case studies


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