How To Find the Right SaaS Packaging & Pricing

Unveil the pathway to triumph in the dynamic world of SaaS with our in-depth exploration of pricing and packaging strategies. In a market teeming with a plethora of products and technologies, the art of pricing and packaging has become an essential puzzle to solve.

While cost-based pricing remains a familiar approach for many, the landscape is evolving. In an age where software development and maintenance costs have dwindled, and customers are spoiled for choice, relying solely on this method could lead to missed opportunities and potential harm to your business.

Our exclusive masterclass invites you to embark on a comprehensive journey into the intricacies of pricing and packaging tailored specifically for your SaaS venture. This knowledge is pivotal for those aspiring to thrive as product leaders in the ever-evolving SaaS realm. Seize this invaluable opportunity to elevate your pricing expertise and position your business for resounding success. Don't let this crucial step pass you by – join us and unlock the keys to SaaS prosperity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exploring the diverse approaches to pricing a SaaS platform, along with their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Mastering the skill of pricing exploration to decide on the most suitable packaging and pricing metrics to employ.
  • Delving deeply into a range of techniques for shaping the optimal pricing point, including the Van Westendorp model, Competitive Evaluation, and the Value Quantification Framework.


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Keshav Vasudevan
Head of Product

About the Speaker

Keshav Vasudevan is a successful product leader who has played a pivotal role in taking multiple SaaS technology ventures from idea to multi-million dollar businesses. He currently leads the Product Management department of Prepared911, a technology company delivering 911 dispatchers and first responders with never-before seen emergency data to save people's lives.

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