Application of Generative AI in Product Management

In this masterclass on Generative AI applications, revolutionize your approach to product launches. Gain insights into integrating GTM strategies with Generative AI, empowering your decision-making and driving strategic success.

Essential Insights:

1. GTM & GenAI Integration: Merge Go-to-Market strategies with Generative AI for revolutionary product launch processes.
2. AI-Driven Enhancements: Use AI for thorough market analysis, competitor assessment, and precise customer segmentation, improving decision-making at every GTM stage.
3. Efficiency through GenAI: Optimize content creation, automate marketing, and empower sales teams with actionable insights, boosting overall effectiveness.
4. Strategic Success: Employ GenAI as a catalyst for strategic excellence, ensuring unparalleled success in product launches through its integrated capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

1. Understanding the fundamentals of Go-to-Market strategy and how GenAI can
revolutionize the process.
Exploring real-world examples of successful GTM strategies enhanced by Gen AI.
Analyzing customer behavior and preferences using Gen AI-driven insights to
refine segmentation strategies.
Identifying gaps, opportunities, and potential threats in the market using Gen AI-
driven competitor insights.


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Amit S
Assistant Vice President - Growth & Strategy


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Application of Generative AI in Product Management