Design Thinking Led Digital Innovation: Rapid Workshop

Check out our Masterclass on Design Thinking, Here is the 5-step recipe for going from idea to prototype. In just two hours, learn what it takes to solve real-world problems using digital technology. 

Our expert will guide you through each step, starting with setting a clear vision for social change. Discover the art of drawing user personas to understand your audience deeply. Learn to map user journeys for optimized experiences. Explore emotion mapping and gamification for engaging solutions. 

Register now for our Masterclass and m
aster the KPI mapping to measure business impact and design success. Unleash the power of creating a compelling brand identity. 

  • Learn 3Ws & a H, HMWs to set a vision
  • Learn User empathy, User personas, User journeys & gamification
  • Learn Business Impact / KPI Mapping
  • Learn Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Learn Brand Persona & Moodboard creation PreRequisites Exposure to web/mobile app interfaces & technologies
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   About Speaker

Vidhya Abhijith
Co-founder and Director

Codewave Inc
Vidhya is a co-founder of, heads Design Thinking, and has helped 100s of businesses innovatively solve problems, in a human-centric way. An Electrical engineer from NIT, Jaipur - Vidhya started her career as a Java programmer and went on to explore various Business, Product, and Design roles in the IT industry. She started her Entrepreneurial journey in 2013, along with her partner in life & work Abhijith; and on her journey impacted thousands of businesses through her work & won several prestigious recognitions & awards. She is a Future 50 Honoree, by the Project Management Institute. Codewave is a Clutch Global Winner for Top Companies in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.

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