Defining North Star & Core Product Metrics 

Join us for an exclusive masterclass on "Defining North Star & Core Product Metrics" designed for product managers, leaders, and enthusiasts seeking to sharpen their product measurement and strategy skills. In today's competitive landscape, understanding your product's North Star metrics and core product metrics is critical for achieving sustained success.

The North Star metric plays a crucial role in product management for various reasons. It provides a distinct sense of purpose, facilitates team alignment, tracks progress, informs long-term strategy, and maintains a constant emphasis on delivering value to users. This metric serves as a guiding light for decision-making, promoting a user-centered approach and stimulating ongoing enhancements through iterations. Furthermore, it has a significant impact on how other key performance indicators are harmonized, guaranteeing a unified path and overall product success.

This masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and tools to set the right course for your product's growth and impact. Don't miss this chance to shape the future of product development. Reserve your spot now for a transformative experience.


Key Takeaways:

  • North Star Clarity: Gain a clear understanding on defining and measuring the North Star metric.
  • Customized Product Metrics: Learn how to identify and define core product metrics that are specifically tailored to your product's goals and objectives.
  • Identifying additional key metrics that drives your North Star.
  • The consequences of failing to establish and assess your North Star.


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Vishnu Vardhan Padiraju
Senior Vice President Product Management
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.

About the Speaker

Vishnu Padiraju is the Senior Vice President, Product Management at Zee, India. He has 10+ years of product management experience in B2B and B2C verticals. He is skilled in Global Product Management, Market Research, Management, Competitive Intelligence, and Business Analytics. Vishnu graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

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