Best Practices For Running A Successful Enterprise Agile Program

This Masterclass explains how does one run an enterprise-wide digital transformation in the middle of a pandemic? This IBM case study focuses on providing insights from one of the largest Salesforce CRM transformations executed in the world. The objective of this program is to simplify the sales processes and increase IBM’s seller time in front of clients. From an execution standpoint, the program required Salesforce platform customization, architecture design, environment setup, data integration, and frequent tooling effort following an agile mindset.

All of this, including the people ecosystem embracing work-from-home, had to come together in an aggressive one-year timeline for global rollout. Our session will deep dive into uncovering elements from a program management framework adopted precisely for this fast-track delivery. It will shed light on social elements, such as team set-up, culture, and governance as well as technical elements involving agile process-based delivery, architecture, and engineering practices.


  • Integrated understanding of how transformation levers can be effectively leveraged to execute enterprise-wide programs.
  • Practice based knowledge of how agility can be scaled in an organic manner without referencing process-heavy scaling frameworks.


  • Understand and internalize the critical role organization setup & culture play in building high performance teams.
  • Absorb the key principles that agile teams must follow to improve effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage transformation levers to effectively execute enterprise-wide programs
  • Describe scaling agility in an organic manner without referencing process-heavy scaling frameworks
  • Describe role of organization setup & culture in building high performance teams
  • Describe key principles agile teams must follow to improve effectiveness


  • Working knowledge of agile values and principle


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Dr. Ashay Saxena
Product Owner

About the Speaker

Ashay Saxena holds a Doctorate in the field of Information Systems from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He is currently associated with IBM as a Product Owner, and is a visiting faculty for MBA programs at IIMs. Ashay is currently working with IBM as a Product Owner. In his previous role, he was the head of business operations for an education technology firm based out of Singapore. Besides, he has also been associated with Accenture in a software engineering role at the start of his career.

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