The Science Behind Data Visualization & The Art of Visual Storytelling
17th Nov 2019 | 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM | IPL Kormangala Campus | Bangalore
The Art of showing data in a visual context & applying the presentation science to show it in the right format is Data Visualization. In this day and age of data, the ability to craft a compelling story using data is a critical skill that every product leader should have for enabling decision making and also influencing stakeholders.

  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Principles of Information Design & Visual Design
  • Deep Dive into Data Visualization
  • Understand the difference between strategic and tactical competitive analysis
  • Understand outside in and inside out competitive analysis frameworks and best practices around how to build and present them to management for decision making
  • As a Product Owner, Business Analyst, Engineer/QA or Project Manager how to manage stakeholders and lead with data driven decision making leveraging competitive analysis.


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Manjunath Subramanian
Senior Principal Product Management 

  • He is a Proven Product Leader with over 19 years of experience in the Industry with exposure to both Global & Local Markets.
  • He has 10+ years of Deep Product Management Experience, during which time he had successfully managed and delivered product roadmaps and releases for Large B2B Products focusing on Data Management & Analytics feature functions.
  • He is adept in Performing Market Research, Capable of drawing up Strategic Product plans and Executing Go-to-Market strategies. Finding the Market – Product fit, Communicating Product Value and Stakeholder Management are three of his strongest qualities.
  • Combined with 5+ years of experience in Product Technical Sales, Consulting & Professional Services, He have a fairly well rounded skillset for all business matters that are Customer & Product related.