Designing For Growth In A Company With Evolving UX Maturity

Join our exclusive expert talk on designing for growth in companies with evolving UX maturity. Discover the art of balancing strategic vision and adaptability, and learn how to apply a flexible, iterative approach to meet changing business and user needs. Explore emerging trends like extended reality and the Metaverse, and gain insights into how UX-specific tools are reshaping and  revolutionizing the field of product management. Learn from industry pioneers and uncover their secrets to success. 

Don't miss the chance to elevate your skills, network with professionals, be part of a design innovation community.Unlock new perspectives, unleash your creativity, and take your career to new heights. Reserve your seat today !
Key Takeaways:

  • Get a hands-on introduction to UX design
  • Understand how to Assess UX Maturity Stage
  • Importance of UX Maturity
  • Managing stakeholder expectations and end user needs
  • Balancing between strategic and adaptable approach
  • Designing for scalability, performance, security, and privacy



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About the Industry Expert

Roshan Raju
Product Designer
A Product designer with 7 years of experience in product designing and digital solutions for the fintech and semiconductor industry. He is very fond of understanding the complex systems, breaking it down after that presenting it in a form that can be understood and used by all. His current line of work revolves around empowering the small business owners and their business in the USA, UK and Canada to achive the higher rate of success and induced business growth.

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