Disambiguating Product Management vs Product Design -
2 sides of the same coin
22 April 2021 | 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM  IST | Online

While Product management as a function is a well understood construct, product design as a practice has innumerable, often conflicting definitions and understanding. With almost everything getting labeled as "design led", it is imperative that Product designers appreciate the nuances of PM and vice-versa. Specific role expectations aside, Product Management and Product Design have to be seen as more of a culture. Having straddled both worlds, my talk is intended to stoke in you a mindset of reflection, exposure and vision; to help you disambiguate PM-PD differences and describe a better roadmap for ways-of-working that enables delightful products, services and beyond. I will also briefly describe opportunities to switch between the two functions.  

What do you need to bring along?
  • An open mind
  • Curiosity and questions 
Key Takeaways
  • Debunking differences: Mini CEO & Mini CXO
  • Future of PM, PD ways of working
  • Career paths, switches between/across PM-PD

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Udhaya Kumar Padmanabhan
Global Strategic Design Director



For 24 years and counting, Udhay (UKP) has led design teams across the globe and his expertise spans Design Leadership and Management, Strategy, Research, Service Design, Product Management, Front-end engineering, UX, CX, Design Delivery and Operations. Be it stealth mode start-ups, very large enterprises, product/platform firms, academia or government agencies - UKP has worked across a broad spectrum and strongly believes in design being a true change maker that you don’t get for “nothing”!


UKP currently leads design delivery and DesOps at Designit ASEAN & SAARC, helping global clients craft human-centred experiences that not only unlock business value, but also enhances the way we live, work and play. Connect with him on Linkedin.


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