Ask the Expert: Product Career

7th August 2022 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM IST | Online

Careers in Product Leadership roles don't just happen. A purposeful, deliberate approach with a high level of strategic thinking, self-reflection, and meticulous planning is the key catalyst of such high-paid roles.  
Here is an opportunity for you to understand what product leadership careers are all about.

Key Takeaways:

 Understand what a Product Leader is? and, the value this role can bring to an organization
 What are the key skills required to get into Product Leadership / Decision-making roles?
 Are Product Leadership roles only for Tech and IT professionals?
 What role can a Product Leader play in a Service based organization?
 Product Management (PM) v/s Product Leadership (Cross-functional leadership) 

Only 15 seats will be allotted for this Ask The Expert session. The main intent is for each participant to get sufficient time to interact with the expert and clarify any doubts about their careers.



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About the Speaker


SaiSatish Vedam

Ex-Senior Director of
Product Management


SaiSatish Vedam is a Product Leader with extensive experience in building & bringing disruptive technology products to the market. He has worn many hats during his career - programmer, designer, architect, analyst, manager, mentor and a strategist in large corporations. He was most recently the Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle. He is also an executive coach, senior faculty at the Institute of Product Leadership.

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