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Navigating the Product Management Career Path: Debunking Myths and FAQs

Are you confused about whether a career in Product Management is right for you? Here is an opportunity to clear your doubts!

This session aims to unravel the truth, dispel misconceptions, and answer the most frequently asked questions about building a successful career in product management.

Whether you're an aspiring product manager, a seasoned professional, or just curious, this session will provide valuable insights and clarity about the path to success in this dynamic field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Myth Busting: Discover the most common misconceptions about product management careers and gain a deeper understanding of what it truly entails.
  • FAQ Insights: Get answers to frequently asked questions that have been plaguing your mind, helping you make informed decisions about your product management journey.
  • Career Roadmap: Walk away with a clear roadmap for building a successful product management career, including essential skills, and career progression tips.
  • Ask Muthu Anything: About a product management career.


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About the Speaker

Muthuraj Thangavel
Sr. Product Manager
Muthuraj is a seasoned product leader who has experience in building and scaling global SaaS products with top product companies including Google, Intuit, and SAP Labs. He is passionate about design thinking & product innovation and has been recognized with awards, publications, and speaking engagements at various prestigious forums. 

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