Lessons Learned in Building a Growth Team and How to Get Started
21 Oct 2020 | 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM 
Ever wonder how companies like Facebook, Uber and AirBnB grew so fast?  What was their secret?  All of these companies leveraged the use of growth teams to accelerate growth in their organizations.  I will talk about lessons learned from building out a growth team at IBM and how you can get started.

  • What is product market fit and why is it important for growth?  
  • Where should I build a growth team?
  • How do I get started?


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Nancy Hensley
Chief Product & Marketing Officer (CPMO) 
Stats Perform
  • Nancy is the Chief Product & Marketing Officer (CPMO) at Stats Perform, a global SportsTech company based in Chicago and London.  Nancy currently oversees the Product, Innovation, Design and Marketing teams.
  • Nancy joined Stats Perform in 2020 from a long career in Big Tech at IBM Corporation.  At IBM, Nancy held a number of leadership roles that spanned technical sales, development, marketing, product, growth and digital.  Throughout her years at IBM, Nancy remained focused on data, analytics and AI.   Nancy previously served as Chief Digital Officer at IBM Data and AI prior to joining Stats Perform.
  • In her years in technology, Nancy has served as a passionate advocate for women in tech and leadership, working as a mentor both internally at IBM and externally with organizations like Women Unlimited.   Today Nancy continues that passion to promote women in leadership in sports and sports tech.
    Nancy lives in the Chicago area with her family

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