Advocating better Customer Experiences using Behavioral Game Theory
27 Jan 2021 | 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM IST

UX professionals are great at exploring the cognitive psychology and behavioral patterns of users and customers of the products and services we craft. Often trying to comprehend the motivations and actions of our colleagues and stakeholders causes us to give pause. Our strategies of pitching our ideas, conducting research, and design is changing as we embrace the new normal of global pandemics and working remotely. To continue to achieve success, we need to be able to move quickly to respond to new product opportunities.  

We will explore the use of behavioral game theory to understand how to maximize individual payoffs in discussions with multiple stakeholders. While discussing how to frame a game with multiple actors and learn how to play our best strategies as designers to make equitable choices and create designs that matter while minimizing the negative impact of unintended consequences through today’s challenges and beyond. 


Key Takeaways
  • What is Behavioral Game Theory, and why it matters?
  • How can we apply BGT in our professional and social situations to our advantage?
  • Why will this influence drive optimal outcomes when presenting our design ideas that will lead to better products and avoidance of unintended consequences? 


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Jeffery Dernbach
Speaker, Presenter, Lecturer, Researcher


I am a user experience strategist focusing on design for extraordinary users in non-office based environments. My research focus is on Behavioral Game Theory and how it can be applied with designer problems by focusing on designer’s agency improve their ability to sell the design to stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams to realize impactful user experiences.



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