The Top 5 Skills You Need To Succeed in Product Management

Product Management is a pivot point in any successful organization, and it is an accepted principle that product managers bear responsibility for their product’s fate. This responsibility comes with enormous commitment and assumes the product manager has several distinct skills.
Although these skills cannot be perfectly honed to a specific number of abilities and expectations, there are some practices (things product managers need to do) that, when done well, will not only get their jobs done correctly but also earn credibility and enhance their stature—and contribute greatly to the success of their companies.

In this discussion, Puja Lakhlani, Head of Product at UST Product Engineering talks about the top skills employers are looking for when hiring for Product Management roles, interviewing, and growing a successful product management career.

Key Takeaways:

 What does it take to be a great product manager?
 What the top skills are and why they are important?
 How can aspiring PMs and PMs can start working towards acquiring or sharpening these skills and advancing their career?


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Puja Lakhlani
Head of Product 
UST Product Engineering
About the Speaker

Puja joins UST Product Engineering with a strong product background in the Human Capital industries,
where she served as a trusted Product, Strategy, and Digital Transformation leader.
Throughout her career, she’s managed large product portfolios generating over $500M in
revenue. Most recently, at ADP and First Advantage Corp., she executed timely deliverables,
delivered business transformational products, and implemented data-driven strategies that
aligned with current and future market needs.
Puja has successfully implemented the Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) framework in her
former ventures, a new approach to product management enabling companies to center
their efforts on the outcomes customers are trying to achieve and prioritize product
innovations accordingly.


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