The Science Behind Data Visualization & The Art of Visual Storytelling

The Art of showing data in a visual context & applying the presentation science to show it in the right format is Data Visualization. In this day and age of data, the ability to craft a compelling story using data is a critical skill that every product leader should have for enabling decision making and also influencing stakeholders.

Key Takeaways:

 Introduction to Data Visualization:In the first part we will focus on understanding the basics of Data Visualization and why this is a must-have skill for everyone.
 Principles of Information Design & Visual Design:In the second chapter we will learn about the Principles of Information design and understand some of the best practices in Visual design.
 Deep Dive into Data Visualization:In the third part of this workshop, we will jump straight into Data visualization and understand how to draw up visualizations using graphs and charts.
 Storytelling using data:In the fourth part – we’ll talk about Storytelling using data – i.e. the ability to tell a story using data.
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Manjunath Subramanian
Senior Principal Product Manager

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
Manjunath B Subramanian is a Senior Product Leader with over 20 years of experience in the Industry, & with exposure to both Global & Local Markets. He currently works at Oracle Corporation where he owns the product strategy and roadmap for a Global Data and Analytics product, designed to improve Customer Experience (CX) in large organizations. At Institute of Product Leadership, Manjunath works as a Coach for Product labs and Adjunct faculty for Data visualization.

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