Machine Learning: What it is and Where can we Use It?

Machine Learning is the cutting-edge field that is impacting all domains of the industry. Hence it's imperative that whether you are a Business Manager, Project Manager, Solutions Architect, or Product Manager one needs to master this field and use this technology in your respective product areas.

A key benefit of machine learning is that it helps companies identify trends in consumer behavior and business operational patterns, as well as creating new products. Facebook, Google, and Uber are among today's leading companies that incorporate machine learning into their operations. Machine learning is becoming a major competitive differentiator for many companies.


Key Takeaways:

► Understand clearly what is Machine Learning and what is not.
 Understand how this relates to Deep Learning, Data Science, NLP and AI
 Understand what kinds of problems are not apt for ML, and what are apt for ML.
 Understand about some real Case study done using ML
► Understand how to prepare and what specific skills it requires to build or transition to that career.


 Working knowledge of Excel for any exercises


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Chandrashekar Ramamurthy
Native AI
About the Speaker

Mr. Chandrashekar is the CEO of NativeAI, a company that provides consulting services to corporations in ML & AI.  He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Dakota, US and has previously held engineering leadership roles in TeamLease, CommonFloor, MeritTrac etc. He is a visiting faculty at IPL School of Data Science.



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