Leveraging Data Insights for Decisions Making

The father of modern quality management, W. Edwards Deming said “In God We Trust, the Rest Bring Data". Successful Organisations base their decisions on data, facts, and metrics. The explosion of data and analysis tools has put data in the centre of all decisions. 


A successful executive today needs to have a working knowledge of data science and analytics as a tool to make effective decisions. In this masterclass, we will cover some renowned case studies from the industry and some case studies from my personal experience, where data-driven decisions improved the outcomes.


Key Takeaways:

 Look at a typical journey of making data-driven decisions.
 Overview of the techniques and processes.
 Making forecasts and simulations.


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Saurav Chakravorty
Director of Data Science
About the Speaker

Saurav Chakravorty is the Director of Data Science at Freshworks. He leads the Machine Learning team of Freshservice. Freshservice is a Cloud-based ITSM software for your service desk with a powerful automation tool to manage incidents, assets, and operations. He builds services that power the virtual agent and agent assist features.



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