5 Techniques for Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing Campaigns to drive Product Growth

In this Masterclass, you will get access to the proven Blueprint of Digital Marketing, used by successful Digital Marketing teams to drive high-quality users to their products. 

The step-by-step process explained in this session will help you run your own Marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and achieve the highest possible ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) for the product you are advertising. 

You can then use the knowledge the way you want, in creating User Acquisition campaigns. Whether you are serious about making a career in Digital Marketing or planning to drive traffic to your existing products, this Masterclass will give you the foundational skills to kickstart your journey, this year.

Key Takeaways:

 Get access to a proven Blueprint for running Digital Marketing Campaigns for successful User Acquisition campaigns for your products.
 A step-by-step walkthrough on picking the right Digital Marketing Platform.
 Best practices and mistakes to avoid so that you save years of marketing misadventures and channelize your efforts around activities that have the highest impact on the growth of your products.



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Suvrajit Sarkar
Shuddh Deshi
About the Speaker

Suvrajit is a proud Alumni of the Institute of Product Leadership who has had a diverse professional experience as a Product Manager, Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur with 3 successful startups under his belt. In his previous experiences, he has been a seasoned Digital Marketer and has managed over $20 Million in marketing budgets for clients in E-Commerce, Tech B2B, and Real estate sectors. Started a D2C brand in 2020 for Herbal Wellness Products and turned it into a successful and profit-making company in less than 6 months. He attributes most of the success to the Social Media marketing campaigns strategized to ensure each unit sold is clocking 20%+ net profit from the very beginning.

Besides running his own E-commerce company,, Suvrajit helps online business owners, enthusiasts, and professionals to hit the ground running with customized Digital Marketing strategies so that they can sell their physical and digital products online, without losing a ton of money in marketing misadventures.

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